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Introduction of Jamia Hussiania

Fida-e-Millat Hazrat Maulana Asad Madni, the man who was worried much about the Muslims and Islam, often visited our area and was concerned regarding this area, for, because of the poverty and poorness, a number of Muslims were an unable to get Islamic education, and also, it needed a central institute to tackle with other forces taking roots on their feet herein, hence the Fida-e-Millat , keeping all these situations in his mind, ordered and insisted his khalifa Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ghiyasuddin sb Qasmi, who was teaching Hadith then in a big institute of Gujrat. Hence forward, it was the order of the Fida-e-Millat, so, acting upon the order, Hazrat Maulana Ghiyasuddin sb Qasmi, bought a land of 7 acres on the side of the high way which is adjacent to the city Kishanganj and a madarsa named Jamia Hussainia was established in the memory of Hazrat Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni, a great man and the freedom-fighter. And on Tuesday,17/ May 1999 according to 30 Muharram 1420h, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Imaduddin sb Khattatoli (Kishanganj), the khalifa-ajal of Shaikhul Hadith Hazrat Maualana Muhammad Zakaria sb, inaugurated the Jamia with his speech and began the lesson with five students.

Peculiarities of Jamia Hussainia

Every institute has its own objectives, methods and peculiarities. This institute has passed just 20 years of its establishment, but in this short period, one gets surprised to see how much progress and developments have been made. There are some peculiarities which have a big role in this regard, the foremost among which are the Dua and sincere efforts done by our great Ulama and forefathers. By the grace of Allah, this institute has the blessings of our Akabir Ulama’ s dua-e- sehargahi. Many our Akabir Ulama also paid their visits to this institute as well, specially, Hazrat Fida-e- Millat had much attachments with this madarsa. Whenever he came to this area, he would surely visit this Jamia, cutting time even two minutes out of his busiest schedules. It is a memorable event that when there held the first Ijlas-e-dastarbandi on 6/5/2005, that time, Hazrat Fida-e-Millat was much unhealthy, doctors had advised him not to do any journey, even the close relatives made a try to stop him to travel , particularly, Hazrat Maulana Sayyad Mahmood Asad Madni, the successor of Fida-e-Millat, said that I f was fully against the journey of him, but he (Hazrat Fida-Millat) did not get agree and said; “I will go to Kishanganj, Jamia Hussainia Madni is not of Maulana Ghiyasuddin sb but it is mine”. However, despite of the ailment, he had graced us his presence and conferred the dastar to 1500 Huffaz with his own hands. Hazrat Maulana Sayyed Mahmood Madni, the Qaid-e-millat, says after writing this event, that Hazrat Fida-e-Millat has done patronage of a number of madarsas, but as per my knowledge, he has never said about any madarsa, except Hazrat Maulana Ghayasuddin sb’s madarsa that; “This is my madarsa”.
There is another story that, once, Hazrat Mohtamim (Maulana Ghiyasuddin sb Qasmi) took a guest Yusuf bhai Paria from South Africa, to Hazrat Fida-e-Millat, then he invited them to have breakfast with him. After the breakfast over, he said to Yusuf bhai to have lunch with him if he has no problem, on this, Yusuf bhai told him that he was not alone, Maualana Ghayasuddin sb Qasmi is also with him. Hearing this word, Hazrat Fida-e-Millat expressed a historical word which denotes to how much relation and attachment he had towards the Jamia and its founder Hazrat Mohtamim sb. Hazrat Fida-e-Millat had said. “Molvi Muhammad Ghiyasuddin sb is the family member of mine”. When this madarsa still had some rooms only thatched with teen shades, Hazrat Fida-e-Millat, some days before of his demise, had a visit to this area and said, “This institute is only thatched with hey and straw yet, but still the anti-fore considers its a rival”. On this very occasion, Hazrat Fida-Millat laid a foundation stone of a big Masjid, and on its completion of construction works, his Dua was seen as good affecting one, such as, though the foundation stone was laid, but we lacked the fund, we had just 5 thousand rupees, so we could not start the work, but after some days when the Hazrat came again to the Jamia, seeing no progress of work, he asked the reason and said; “What to do with the lack of fund? Start the work within a day or two. This isa house of Allah, Allah will help from Ghaib, we are just to do a work”. Therefore, the construction work was started from another day, and with blessing of dua of Hazrat, the work of this vast Masjid (102/52) completed within some period of time.

Another peculiarity of the Jamia

It is hard to say that whether there have been dastarbandi of more than 300 huffaz upon a time in on the surface of Bihar or not, but here it can be said with surety that this was the first occasion on the region of Seemanchal that this Jamia conferred dastarbandi to more than 300 huffaz on 22-23 March 2013 under the period of only 7 years, which proved a historical event among the achievements of the Jamia. This is all from the Allah Almighty.

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