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Kishanganj Historical View

Every one among the people of Seemanchal agrees to say that at the end of 20th century, there was common system of reading the Holy Quran with Majhool pronunciation in the whole area, tashih w tajweed (good pronunciation) was nowhere to be seen, even the noorani qaida which plays a big role to shape up a good articulation, was not available in this area, on such a time, the Jamia sent with its own expenditure many huffaz to Gujarat and other parts of the country to learn noorani qaida and then stated to teach the students the Holy Quran with excellent articulation and pronunciation which the students got benefited a lot. It as it produced good results, teachers from the nearby areas also started coming to learn the noorani qaida and they opted to teach the students like this way. It is because of the Jamia’s efforts that every remarkable madarsa adopts this method of teaching on the pattern of noorani qaida and Alhamdulillah, a large number of students are seen now everywhere to read and recite the Holy Quran with this special phonetical manner.

Kishanganj before and after the freedom

From the beginning till the independence, the region was much fertile, green and thick forests and gardens. The world traveler Ibn Batuta had said about this region to be the earth of greeneries, while the Chinese traveler had said regarding this area to be full of floras and a land of flowers and Humayun, the king of Delhi, had proudly regarded it Jannatabad (a paradise) which is known by its old name purnia, for purnia actual means a region of forests and gardens. However, on every age, Purnia stood with on its own feet and it was amusing enough. This region was much beautiful and attractive, it had rivers, ponds, gardens, fertile lands, many kinds of works, industries, trees and plants and also it was the land of swimming ducks, dancing peacocks and deers’s rolling around everywhere. (Kamilan Purnia 73)
A student of history knows well that the English had come to India not to give anything but to take away everything from here. Could have India, which was called sone ki chirya (golden bird) once, recovered it’s the gone proud past and economy? The English, along with looting and plundering India and its other parts, even did cruelties to the people of this area too, hence, this region was even that time a Muslim populated area and other reason is that it was also a rich area, therefore, the English plundered this region as well. When India saw the dawn of its free demand other parts of the country progressed but this area was deprived of any kind of growth, as the report of Sachar committee also reveals this very predicament. When one considers over it, two big reasons come into the focus; (1)the government generally thinks only of those areas’ infrastructures, transportations where it expects to receive something or of those areas which have industries, but here in the region, not only Purina but whole Bihar lacks all these, no industrial area, no big central place of business, (2) a deep study and survey of India’s developments divulges the fact that those areas, which have the majority of Muslims population, fall prey to the inaction and inactivity of the government. These are the two big reasons because of which this region lags far behind the development of the age, moreover, the government of Bihar also did play same game.

Kishanganj and Islamic Madaris

The objectives and aims for which Darul Uloom Deoband was established as you have read earlier about it and you also read it that Hazrat Imam Nanotvi had the thought of launching the spread of Madaris and Maktabs in the entire parts of India, this very thought was not limited to his mind only, but also it was transformed wholly into his students’ minds, therefore, as a result a number of madarsas were founded in Kishanganj district in comparison of the other parts of India including of Bihar’s itself. in Bihar, 1128 Madarsas are government aided, out of which 242 madarsas is located only in Kishanganj, on other hand, there are 2459 Madarsas run under the government ‘s rules and regulations but they receive no aid from the government, 431 out of which alone situated in United Purnia. Before years i.e. upto 1980, all these madaris existed and the work being done by them. But it is not hidden from any one that all these centers of learnings which used to impart and spread Islamic education, failed to produce good results in the field of education when the government aid or attention was sought. They have big buildings but the question is, does it benefit the people of the area? is open to one all.
Seeing all these deplorable situations, our God-fearing Ulama and forefathers rose from their slumbers, made plans and established institutes of alternative of teaching called darsnizamia. 20 years before from today, the general situation of the area was that azan and namaz with jamat etc were not being performed regularly in all Masjids, excluding some. In Ramzan too, sunnat of khatm-e-taraveeh was not being offered in most Masjids as well. Such situation continued till the last 20th century, and from the last 91 years, some struggles had been made towards Islamic education which helped somehow manage hufazza for masjids. When it was the matter with khawas (not all people) that five villages had a hafiz, then not to speak of general and over-all people, one can understand well.
But the grace of Allah, from last 20 years, a lot of improvements and advancements have been made and now there is probably no village which has not at least four hafizs, and almost, in every masjid, namaz with jamat is being performed, this all is because of the struggles of those madaris which have been established 30/35 years before, which may hardly be in number 40.These are the madaris which have rendered their great contributions in shaping up the environment of the area. If those 242 madaris established before had followed the this nizam, definitely, the condition of the Muslim populated area, having 27 percentage, would have better than today. One can perceive over this.
These are the historic horrific facts which cannot be denied. In a short, after the independence, this region had got affected badly because of poverty and shortage of facilities. This region also has seen the impoverishment, even there was a time that the people of this area could not have proper dresses to wear. You know that how poverty and helplessness make a man’s life miserable. Taking of the advantage of such situation, the anti-forces started o haunt all around and tried to take the people of this area into the path leading irreligion and irreligious manners. So, the Ulama of the right path, seeing the situation, stood up and left no stone unturned to guide the people of the area into the right path.

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