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The contributions of the Jamia

Every one among the people of Seemanchal agrees to say that at the end of 20th century, there was common system of reading the Holy Quran with Majhool pronunciation in the whole area, tashih w tajweed (good pronunciation) was nowhere to be seen, even the noorani qaida which plays a big role to shape up a good articulation, was not available in this area, on such a time, the Jamia sent with its own expenditure many huffaz to Gujarat and other parts of the country to learn noorani qaida and then stated to teach the students the Holy Quran with excellent articulation and pronunciation which the students got benefited a lot. It as it produced good results, teachers from the nearby areas also started coming to learn the noorani qaida and they opted to teach the students like this way. It is because of the Jamia’s efforts that every remarkable madarsa adopts this method of teaching on the pattern of noorani qaida and Alhamdulillah, a large number of students are seen now everywhere to read and recite the Holy Quran with this special phonetical manner.

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